Search Engine Optimization Guide 2021

This Article will explain overall of Search Engine Optimization or SEO process that you need to known in 2021.

Main purpose that every one wanted result of SEO is your website has ranked in first place of google search or at lease ranked in first page of some search. But in 2021, Google have a lot of products or tabs that have specific contents such Images, Videos, News, Maps, Shopping, Book, Flights, Finances and also Voice Search! So, Let's talk to normal search first and understand the factor that can bring your website to land in the first ranked of Google search.

Content is King!

The major factor of ranking system of google is content!, but you need to understand that Google is not a human, it's just an algorism that try to understood human content and try to present its to who searching for it. That's make google needed to optimize their search engine continuous (And make us need to learn and practice it simultaneous too!).

If you ever has browsing the website experience in 2000s age, almost of website that ranked in first page of Google are spam a lot of keyword on page but for currently, that kinds of pages has been removed from the ranking. Good content that make for human should not have spam keyword like this content that you are reading.

Design by Human for benefit to reader!

Almost good content that ranked in first page of Google are long article that have content more than 2,000 character. Because longer content can provided more meaningful or benefit to reader and it's can dilute keyword to another sentence, That's make more sence for human reader than just a spamed content with the same keyword.

Another important thing is your content need to be new, unique and DO NEVER DUPLICATE ANY CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE, If you do that you will receive penalty from Google ranking.

Who is Queen when everyone said that king is content?

When people search for something, they search it with "keyword", not a long sencetence. Recall when you want to buy something on the internet and type it in text field before press search button like "wifi router" but keyword like "wifi router" is not a state that you want to buy it, it's just a state that you want to know "What is wifi router?" that's right? and what happened when you found some content and gave you an information?

Sometimes you found brand, sometimes you found product names, sometimes you found reviews, and you continuous googling it and you can designed to buy specific product and you search for "XXXX router dc-200 cheap price" and you purchased it!

So, keywords are another things that important to optimizer need to plan becuase keyword is related to the state of action. For keyword that have a lot of words like an example "XXXX router dc-200 cheap price" we have name for it, that's Long-tailed keyword. normally, long-tailed keyword have words more than or equal 3.
it is not like short keyword that have a lot of website competition for it but people that search for it are not in mood of buying. Long-tailed keyword can help new website to ranked in first place of Google and have more meaningful in the state of action for prospect.

Neighbor can told how famous are you?

If you read the article that told you the best restarant in your vancinity but you never heard of that restaurant before and you also asked everybody and no one known about it, is that a true or just a fake news? That was happened to Google too. Google send bot to crawled every websites on the earth to find Backlink that proof and ranking any pages that you found in Google.

So, another job of Search Engine Optimization is add more backlink to your website. But because of 2000s of Google's experience that have a lot of sites try to generate a lot of backlink in bad case, so backlink has been significant decreased weight in currently. But you still need to do it but put your link to more quality websites, not just a quantitative.

Respect to Seniority

How old of your domainname are relative directly to raking. 80% of website are discontineous in just first 2 years. And that is why speculator can make their money by registered to short domain name, wait, and sale it in next few years.

Expert to HTML

Back to the page that you want to ranked, If you are developer or can make a change to the website, one major factor that you need to care is how correct of your HTML files?. Because of Google ranking system is algorism, so it's preferred valid of HTML.

Check your URL

From my experiences, I found the URL is very important. Like this blog URL is, so it have keyword in URL. You need to build your website/blog to have name/title of article is URL.

And guys from 2000s, it was famous to name the domain name with the keywords but in currently, amost of SEO expertise found that domain name that have "-" inside are not good for ranking becuase of blackhat 2000s guys prefer to use "-", not only in domain name but included in content too.

Meta Tag is the key!

First tag that I recommended is html tag with lang attribute. You need to provided language by ISO 639-1 codes to tell bot.
<html lang="en">
Below is recommened meta tag for SEO that need to insert inside head tag. And for og:* are also used by Facebook share post, Twitter card that you can learn more at
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />
<meta property="og:url" content="" />
<meta property="og:title" content="Search Engine Optimization Guide" />
<meta property="og:description" content="This Article will explain overall of Search Engine Optimization or SEO process that you need to known in 2021." />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />
<meta property="og:locale" content="en" />
<meta property="og:type" content="Website" />

This tag told bot that what is your main domain name becuase some settings of website have sub domain name too (most case are empty sub domain name and www) but you need to specific only one domain name. You need to change url to your site.
<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Invite and allow crawler with Robots.txt

This is very important to your website! if you don't have it you need to add it to the root of your site like my website is And next is sitemap that I will explain it in next section.
User-agent: *
Allow: /

Submit sitemap

Go to Google Webmaster Tool website and you can add it to Google directly but you need to verify your site by various method. And below is sitemap example of my website. For more information of sitemap you can learn at
<urlset xmlns="">

Mobile Optimization are plus!

In 2021, Traffic more than 60% are comming from mobile. If you can provided good experience for mobile google will rank your site in first page easier for mobile traffic. You can check how good of your site by use PageSpeed Insights that made by Google itself, and the major factor for mobile optimization is speed! You need to build the website lighter, normally have 2 options, that is split mobile site into another domain name like or use responsive design with mobile assets optimization.

Conclude, First thing that you need to do is about your page, ranking system just an algorism, tags can tell bot better thant just a plain text (Article) that's what page about? And next is about your contents, you need to create fresh, unique, human friendly content. And growth your website to your network to exchange or generate good quality link to your website.